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E-learning course on sea-based sources of plastic pollution and marine litter

UNEP, IMO, FAO and Open Universiteit

About This Course

Welcome to this e-learning course on sea-based sources of plastic pollution and marine litter. Developed by Open Universiteit, in close collaboration with UNEP, IMO, GESAMP and FAO, within the framework of the Global Partnership on Plastic Pollution and Marine Litter (GPML), this course promises to equip participants with invaluable knowledge and resources to address one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

This course addresses key sources of plastic pollution and marine liter with a sea-based origin and in particular Abandoned, Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) and garbage from ships. It explores the causes of these types of pollution, their impacts, governance and solutions. The intention is to teach participants through action-oriented learning how they can apply successful and inspiring activities to their own local context, regardless of their profession or location. It will provide examples and case studies that will inspire leadership at different levels, thereby increasing awareness and stimulating creative solutions.

The course is accessible to all, free of charge, self-paced and available to access at any time, to support self-led learning and informed action. Upon satisfactory assessment of the final assignment, a certificate of participation can be issued.